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Stanford University Pavers

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Stanford University Pavers

ARG Conservation Services was retained by Stanford University to restore the masonry elements of Memorial Court and its surrounding arcades on Stanford’s campus. This was a multi-phase project that addresses several elements of the historic Memorial Court. Foremost among the repairs is replacement-in-kind of the damaged cast stone pavers. This pavement is one of the first uses of a Portland cement based product as a paving system.

The project also addresses masonry issues such as the repair of damaged sandstone elements and restoring the concrete walkways of the Memorial Court. The Paver replacement work consisted of removing and replacing cracked and broken pavers that were exhibiting displacement and differential settlement of the subsoil. During replacement operations care was exercised to protect the rusticated sandstone walls and columns adjacent to each paver area. At this writing, ARG/CS is implementing a multi-phased paver replacement effort that will span many years.

ARG/CS was also retained to perform repairs to sandstone column bases. The sandstone columns had eroded and suffered from wear in many of the paver replacement areas, weathering and impact damage. First we removed unsound stone and previous failing patches in preparation for repairs. The repairs were completed using an approved repair mortar that was sculpted to recreate the original details of the sandstone columns. Among the challenges for ARG/CS as general contractor was implementing the work in a busy, active campus to manage foot traffic flow.


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