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San Francisco Public Library

ARG Conservation Services, Inc. / San Francisco Public Library

San Francisco Public Library

Untitled (1990-1995) by Ann Hamilton and Ann Chamberlain is a mural comprising 3”x5” recycled card catalogue cards. The cards cover the wall dividing the closed stacks and circulating collection on the third floor of the San Francisco Public Library.

A section of the wall (11 cards high and 5 cards wide, approximately 33”x25”) was removed to provide access for plumbing repairs. ARG Conservation Services was retained to reinstall the wall section and visually integrate the repairs in the wall.

Conservators from ARG Conservation Services conducted photodocumentation and cosmetic repairs to the wall panel after its installation. Testing and research ultimately led the conservation team to utilize materials and methods similar to those used by the artists.


Reinstallation of Card Catalogue Wall Panel


San Francisco Arts Commission


San Francisco, California