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Temelec Hall

Temelec Hall

Temelec Hall is a historic mansion in Sonoma, California built in 1858 by Captain Granville P. Swift, the great nephew of American folk hero, David Boone. The main structure, built in the Greek Revival Style, is three stories in height and was constructed with locally quarried sandstone. At the first and second floor, an exposed veranda, consisting of wooden columns and balustrades, wraps the main structure on three sides. The building is now the centerpiece in the Temelec Senior Residential Community.

ARG Conservation Services was hired by the Homeowners Association to assess and treat the second floor porch due to structural deterioration and concerns regarding water infiltration and safety hazards. Signs of continued dry rot infestation in the southeast corner of the porch led to the replication of the wood column detail with recycled “old growth” redwood, and the removal and replacement of the entire corner joist and decking with new wood. Additionally, ARG/CS was asked to make recommendations for the treatment of the remainder of the property, which will be used for fund raising efforts, future conservation efforts and the continuing care of this historic monument.


Exterior Treatment Plan and Column Repair


Temelec Homeowners Association


Sonoma, California