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National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Monument

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National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Monument

The National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers (NHDVS) Monument is located at the Los Angeles National Cemetery at 950 South Sepulveda Boulevard. The three-tiered granite obelisk is situated at the cemetery street corners of San Juan Hill Avenue and Buena Vista Avenue. The monument stands about 27 feet high on a 10 foot by 10 foot base, and it bears a plaque with the inscription, “In memory of the men who offered their lives in defense of their country.”

ARG Conservation Services was contracted to treat the monument in accordance with current conservation standards. The treatment objective was to clean and stabilize the monument to prevent water penetration, which could further accelerate deterioration. Treatment goals were to clean the stone, repair cracked, loose or missing mortar, and to fill cracks on the exposed foundation. Recommendations were also made for the continuing maintenance of the monument, such as annual cleansings and periodic inspections for signs of damage or deterioration. These routine maintenance items, along with other suggestions offered by ARG/CS, will help ensure the ongoing preservation of the monument.


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