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Bufano “Hand of Peace”

ARG Conservation Services, Inc. / Bufano “Hand of Peace”

Bufano “Hand of Peace”

The initial assessment of the sculpture of Beniamino Bufano’s “Hand of Peace” was performed in September 2014, during the final stages its installation at Walnut Creek’s Civic Park. Conservators discovered corrosion at metal joints and seams, abrasions and scratches on the lower base, deteriorated patina, loss of screws securing joints, bird guano, and general soiling. ARG/CS updated its conditions assessment in December 2015, after the sculpture fell victim to egging on Halloween. Although the sculpture had been power washed after the vandalism was reported, residual egg was still able to alter and damage the existing copper patina and stain the sculpture’s concrete base.

ARG Conservation Services (ARG/CS) was contracted by Gary Wong, president of Westlake Realty Group, Inc., to perform conservation treatments for Bufano’s “Hand of Peace” sculpture at Civic Park in Walnut Creek, California. Proposed treatments addressed the deterioration on the concrete base and metal caused by vandalism. Sculptural elements displayed chemical disturbance of the existing patina, drip marks that continued from the metal onto the base, overall accumulation of dirt, and staining from corrosion. The goal of the treatment plan was to stabilize materials, perform a chromatic integration of the existing patina, and provide protective sacrificial coatings.

Conservation work included: general cleaning of the monument with pressurized water, application of several coats of pigmented wax, application of a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating, and color integration on the concrete base. All work was carried out in accordance with the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.


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