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500 Capp Street

Preservation Design Award   Craftsmanship and Preservation Technology Outstanding workmanship carried out in a project such as those specified above may be submitted in one of those categories and/or the Craftsmanship/Preservation Technology award. This category honors excellence in craftsmanship or technological innovation pertaining to a...

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500 Capp Street – The David Ireland House

500 Capp Street was constructed in 1886, during what is generally referred to as the Victorian period (1860 – 1900) and is a prime example of a relatively simple Italianate style house. The last owner of the property, artist David Ireland, had a strong influence...

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Impressions of the James Castle Shed and Trailer

Born in 1899 in Garden Valley, Idaho, artist James Castle gained worldwide renown, with his works in the collections of institutions such as the Smithsonian Institute and the Whitney Museum. A major figure in American folk art, he was also deaf, communicating primarily through his...

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